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Vitamin C deficiency

Vitamin C deficiency

After several months of vitamin C deficiency, patients with a sense of fatigue, malaise, depression, paranoia, weakness, anorexia, malnutrition, pale, mild anemia, gum swelling, bleeding, and necrosis of alveolar walls due to the gums and loose teeth , loss, bone and joint muscle pain, skin petechiae, ecchymosis, follicular hyperkeratosis, peripheral blood, children may be due to bleeding under the periosteum of the lower limbs caused the pseudo-paralysis, swelling, tenderness, hip abduction, knee flexion and a half , full external rotation, frog-like posture.

What people need more vitamin C
If you were a lack of vitamin C in the critical state, there will be drowsiness, fatigue, prone to infection, the worst case, there may be bleeding gums, slow wound healing after injury and so on. So what people need vitamin C?

 Intense work and study in human

 Tension will inhibit the immune system, reducing its efficiency, easy to promote the body revived latent virus.

 Pregnancy and breast-feeding women

This time the womens levels of vitamin C the body when the lower than usual, resulting in low capacity to resist cold, and many cold medicines and have side effects on pregnant women, so often a cold during pregnancy is considered the biggest "trouble."

 Body of people with iron deficiency

Because iron absorption iron deficiency not only because not enough, more importantly, the body absorb iron from food for lack of capacity. Body iron, vitamin C can help the body absorb food from non-meat iron capacity increased by 10 times.

 Regular smoker

Smokers, the consumption of vitamin C higher rate than the general population. Studies have shown that heavy smokers than non-smokers increased demand for vitamins more than 40%.

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