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Overexpression of vitamin C

Overexpression of vitamin C
 1, short-term supplement to take VC over, will produce more urine, diarrhea, skin rash and other side effects

 2, the long-term use of excessive VC supplements, may lead to oxalic acid and uric acid stones

 3, the growth period of overdose in children prone to bone diseases.

 4, one-time intake of VC2500-5000 mg or more may result in a large number of red blood cells rupture, hemolysis and other critical phenomena.

 Acid-sodium vitamin C as vitamin C, also has the side effect.

 Recently, Austrian scientists warned that abuse of vitamin C will weaken the immune system.

 Medical University of Vienna, Institute of Chemistry, Professor Gore Sardenberg told the media recently, studies have shown that vitamin C in human connective tissue proteins and neurotransmitters such as epinephrine a class of medium composition can not be underestimated. Infection by the human body or in other inflammation, the need for vitamin C also increased, but at high doses of vitamin must be very cautious when.

 Professor Gore Sardenberg warned that the vitamin dose increased to several times a day, not only meaningless, and probably counterproductive. Because white blood cells around the Vitamin C too much, not only impede the white blood cells to destroy bacteria, pathogens and cancer cells but also to be protected. Overdose of vitamin C not only can not enhance the bodys immunity, but will it be weakened. Professor Gore Sardenberg reminded us, do not like to eat jelly beans as free vitamin C.

 But eat oranges, peppers, tomatoes or potatoes, such vitamin-rich vegetables and fruits, then do not worry there will be problems of vitamin C overdose.

 At the same time, U.S. researchers found that vitamin C may speed up the abuse of atherosclerosis.

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