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Vitamin E external method

External method
 Vitamin E external method one: fall and winter moisture. Natural Vitamin E lotion or cream, fall and winter drying season, simply pierce coat of natural vitamin E capsule, a drop of lotion or cream mixed in, be applied to the need for maintenance of the site; the dry season in particular, bathing after the vitamin E skin care lotion mixed together, to avoid drying up the skin; long insisted that make the skin moist, white. This method is particularly suitable for long-term work of women in air-conditioned room.


  Vitamin E external method two: Vitamin E and pearl powder to reconcile, when the cream paint. Then more time to carefully massage, rubbing his hands refers to each other quickly, so fingers fever, cover the eyes, for a few seconds and gently move eyes, repeated three to five times, to speed up the absorption of cream, feeling good, the eye that is not oil.


 Vitamin E external method three : natural honey, lemon juice, yogurt, vitamin E, take two spoons of yogurt, honey and half spoon, half spoon of lemon juice, and three natural vitamin E into a paste, surface covered for 15 minutes, wash with warm water, Note that it is best not used hot or cold water, this method can completely remove the dirt in the pores, nourish white, radiant skin.


 Vitamin E external method four: Hair Care, Natural Vitamin E shampoo conditioner, shampoo, it will be a natural vitamin E oil droplets mixed in shampoo; use conditioner when the natural vitamin E will also be mix gently massage, rinse three minutes later, this method make hair moist, smooth, effective immediately.

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