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The develop trends of vitamin E

Develop trends
 Gradually to replace the natural  vitamin E:

 According to research in vitamin professionals, for health and disease prevention, many people are taking vitamin E in the purchase, but are generally synthetic vitamin E products. With modern medicine and nutrition, development, scientists found that compared with synthetic materials, natural vitamin E is actually more in line with the bodys needs. These natural vitamin E is widely present in the green parts of plants and grass seed germ, especially abundant in vegetable oil.


 I know that the technology has been used in separation and purification from soybean oil out of the natural vitamin E. This natural vitamin E as in the production process did not produce a chemical reaction, maintaining the original physiological activity of vitamin E and natural properties, more easily absorbed by the body to use, and security is also higher than the synthetic vitamin E, is more suitable for long-term use . Experiments also show that natural vitamin E, antioxidant and anti-aging performance indicators are the number of times in the synthesis of vitamin E. In addition, pharmaceutical products, health food and cosmetics, natural vitamin E is also being gradually replaced by synthetic vitamin E.


  In China, natural vitamin E is expected in the near future to enter the market at affordable prices to meet public health needs. However, the data show the first half of 2009, the market of vitamin e capsule or in the synthesis of the main raw material. People want to get natural vitamin e also need to wait for some time.

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