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How to choose the natural vitamin E

How to Choose Vitamin E
 How to choose a good vitamin E
 Be sure to select natural vitamin E. There are currently on the market of natural and synthetic  VE two categories. Natural VE generally extracted from natural plants, and synthetic vE generally trimethyl hydroquinone and other petrochemical by-products as raw materials. Big difference in price between the two, the difference is even greater effect. From the safety, biological activity, absorption rate, the natural  VE to be better than synthetic. Their use and maintenance of VE, or natural good.

 How to choose the natural vitamin E
 Is appropriate. According to the specific purpose to take the decision. If only the base added, only for the prevention of vitamin E deficiency, you can choose health functions as a "vitamin E" of the product, generally 10 to 14 mg / day, but through the normal diet, or vitamin supplement tablets, on the energy intake to the amount. If you have a specific skin care purposes, you should choose to take through the nationally recognized laboratory tests to prove functionality, health care function as a "beauty cream, anti-aging" products, usually 100 mg / day or so. Suitable for long-term use, such as Yangshengtang natural vitamin E. If it is against degenerative diseases, autoimmune diseases, you need to be taken under the guidance of a doctor, usually 200-800 mg / day or more.

 How do I know natural skin care vitamin E has no effect
 (1) there is no effect, see the health care function identification. You simply select the product packaging health functions as a "beauty (remove melasma), anti-aging" products can be. Such products have been nationally recognized test to prove functional experiments, and for long-term use. Those health functions as a "vitamin E" products for the prevention of vitamin E deficiency only because of its content does not meet the efficacy of dose, do not have a particular beauty and health effects.

 (2) the effect is good to see d-tocopherol content, rather than a net content of whole grain capsules. General daily supplement of d-tocopherol 100 mg or so, only the exact "Beauty (remove melasma), anti-aging" function. If Yangshengtang each capsule contains natural vitamin E d-tocopherol 97.5 mg.

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