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Vitamin B2 special effects

Special effects
 Riboflavin also related to the quality of life of people, when the body is the lack of riboflavin, in particular, is a serious deficiency, the body cavity of the mucous layer will be a problem, causing mucosal lesions, resulting in loss of libido, or sex.


 One hundred body health experts tell you that a new effect of riboflavin:
 1, diuretic swelling;

 2, cancer prevention and control;

 3, reduce the incidence of cardiovascular disease.


 Note: vitamin B2 and vitamin B6 synergy, the best results.


 Intake of high calorie things, it must meet the additional intake of vitamin B2, vitamin B2, natural enemies alone, should be avoided.


 Vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin, slightly soluble in water, in neutral or acidic solution is stable to heat. Yellow enzyme cofactor for the body part (yellow enzymes in biological oxidation-reduction in the delivery of hydrogen to play the role), when the lack of time, affecting the bodys bio-oxidation, metabolism disorders. The performance of the mouth lesions, eye inflammation, and external genitalia, such as angular cheilitis, cheilitis, glossitis, conjunctivitis and scrotum go far, it can be used in the prevention and treatment of disease. Storage of vitamin B2 is very limited, so every day provided by the diet.

 Vitamin B2 is the nature of the cause of its loss of two main reasons:

 (1) can be light damage;

 (2) heating the alkaline solution can be destroyed.

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