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Normal needs of vitamin B2

Normal needs
 1, the recommended daily intake for adults is 1.7mg. During pregnancy need 1.6mg, breast-feeding during the first six months of intake of 1.8mg, after 6 months of 1.7mg;

  2, often in a state of tension, increase the intake of the people;

  3, taking birth control pills, pregnancy, breast-feeding women need more vitamin B2;

  4, do not eat meat and dairy products shall increase the intake of vitamin B2;

  5, due to ulcers or diabetes and long-term dietary control of the production of vitamin B2 deficiency are more susceptible to the phenomenon; (if suffering from a particular disease who are receiving treatment, to change the designated physicians diet, and the physician must discuss )

  6, for all mental tension, must be to increase the amount of vitamin B2;

  7, and vitamin B6, C and folic acid along with the role, the best results. Adults eat a day to meet the needs of two animal liver; adults eat about 2 pounds a day to meet the needs of soybeans; adults eat three a day to meet the needs of lettuce; adults eat three to four day meet mushrooms needs.

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