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Foods rich in vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A
Foods rich in vitamin A there are two types.
First, vitamin A, that is, various carotenoids, found in plant foods such as leafy green vegetables like yellow Vegetables and fruits, content rich spinach, alfalfa, pea sprouts, red sweet potatoes, carrots, green pepper, pumpkin, etc.; the other is from animal food vitamin A, this class is used directly by the bodys vitamin A, mainly in the liver, milk and dairy products (not skim milk) and poultry egg.

According to the food analysis table shows the average each (100 grams) contains the most abundant vitamin A (12,000 units), green leafy vegetables such as chard, kale, spinach and other green vegetables. Even a bean, broccoli, carrots, yellow squash, apricots, sweet potato or yam can also provide 5,000 units of vitamin A, which is the amount of adults for one day. A tomato, peas, celery, lettuce and asparagus contained an average close to 2000 units. In addition to apricot than most of the yellow fruit of a vitamin A content of less than 400 units. Has lost its original color, or green vegetables has never been a lack of this vitamin.

Cod liver oil is commercially the most abundant source of vitamin A. Liver depends on vitamin A contained in food and animal feeding animals age. In addition to the polar bears liver, the vitamin A has been recognized with the most abundant of London Zoos python liver oil a hundred years, a majority present in the vitamin A content of cod liver oil than to be rich in cod liver oil, which is listed as halibut sale to be older than the cod, cod sold on the market are generally still in the relatively small stage, halibut have more years of feeding the sea of green algae. For the same reason, adult cattle and sheep liver contains vitamin A than the calf and the lamb, liver contain vitamin A to be much richer.

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