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Vitamin A pharmacological effects

Pharmacological effects
 This product is easily absorbed after oral administration, mainly in the liver for storage. Almost all is metabolized in the body, β-carotene is a precursor of Vit A, in the animal intestinal mucosa can be converted to active Vit A. Mainly through the urine, fecal excretion, but only a small amount of breast milk excretion.


 β-carotene is fat-soluble antioxidants. Facklman (1990) studies have shown that, β-carotene can prevent obstructive atherosclerosis, coronary heart disease, stroke and other age-related diseases, they believe that β-carotene to prevent LDL oxidation with the formation of oxidized LDL effect, while toxicity of oxidized LDL can cause vascular endothelial cell injury, the injury site to speed up the deposition of lipids in the formation of plaque, as well as blocked blood vessels, causing obstructive atherosclerosis and other diseases.


 Vitamin A to treat dry eye, corneal osteomalacia, such as dry skin and night blindness. In addition, hot, frostbite and ulcers are also effective.


 Vitamin A can increase sheep red blood cells or proteins the number of immune spleen PFC to enhance the non-T cell-dependent antigen caused by antibodies. It can also enhance the response of human peripheral blood lymphocytes to PHA and NK cell activity, increase macrophage activity, stimulated T cell proliferation and IL 2 production.

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