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Normal needs of vitamin A

Normal needs
 1, the recommended daily vitamin A intake, the general adult men, 1000RE (or 5000IU) to prevent deficiencies.

 2.10 to 15 year-old girl recommended daily intake of 4,600 international units.

 3.16 Women over the age of the recommended daily intake of 4,200 international units.

 4. Adults need to eat about 85 a day before to meet the needs of a lemon; adult day just to eat 1 / 2 carrot; adults to eat a mango a day just to meet their needs; adults need to eat daily an asparagus can meet the needs

 5. Pregnant women need special attention to the amount of their security to avoid deformed children. During pregnancy, the initial increase in intake is not recommended.

 6. Lactating women, the first six months may be an additional 2500 IU; an additional 6 months after the 2000 international units.

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