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Feature and Security of nisin
Nisin (Nisin) is a light brown powder, soluble in water or used to be liquid, and at different PH values ​​of different solubility. If the water (PH = 7), solubility 49.0mg/ml (Nisin); If 0.02M hydrochloric acid, solubility 118.0mg/ml (Nisin); in alkaline conditions, almost insoluble.
Nisin (Nisin) and the stability of the PH value of the solution. Such as soluble PH = 6.5 of skim milk, pasteurized by 85 ℃ for 15 minutes, losing only 15% of the activity, when dissolved in dilute hydrochloric acid PH = 3 in, by 121 ℃ 15 分钟 autoclave remained 100 % of the activity, its excellent heat resistance acid.
Nisin (Nisin) can inhibit food spoilage caused by many gram-positive bacteria such as Lactobacillus, Leuconostoc, Pediococcus, Staphylococcus, Listeria monocytogenes, especially on the production of spores of bacteria such as Bacillus , Clostridium has a strong inhibitory effect. Typically, producing highly heat-resistant bacterial spores, such as milk using 135 ℃, 2 seconds, ultra high temperature sterilization, non-spore bacteria mortality rate was 100%, the mortality rate of 90% of bacterial spores, and 10% The spores of bacteria can not kill. If the milk can be added to 0.03-0.05g/kg Nisin inhibited Bacillus and Clostridium spores germinate and multiply.
Research by pathologists and toxicology tests have proved that nisin (Nisin) is completely non-toxic. Nisin (Nisin) can be degraded into amino acids, digestive proteases, no residue, does not affect human probiotics, no resistance, no cross-resistance with other antibiotics. The world has many countries such as Britain, France, Australia, etc., in food add Nisin (Nisin) do not make any restrictions on the amount, as food preservatives in a special case. Adding nisin (Nisin) food packaging can reduce sterilization temperature, sterilization time shorter, lower thermal processing temperatures, reduced nutrient losses and improve food quality and save energy, and can effectively extend the food the preservation time. You can also replace or partially replace chemical preservatives, hair color agent (such as nitrite) in order to meet the production of health food, green food needs.

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