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Efficacy and Applications of nisin

Product efficacy
 Can effectively inhibit food spoilage caused by bacteria and spores, thereby extending the shelf life of food; shorter sterilization time, lower sterilization temperature, to maximize their original flavor of food, improved food quality, reduce energy consumption; replace or partially replace chemical preservatives, green food production to meet the requirements.

 Nisin in dairy products, cooked meat products, canned food, spices, fruit drinks, plant protein drinks, beer, medicine and health products and cosmetics and food packaging industries can be applied. There is also a variety of fermentation equipment can be used for cleaning.

 Paired with distilled water or cold water for 5% solution, thoroughly mixed into food, you can use PH = 4 so dilute citric acid or dilute acetic acid solution to dissolve. Dissolution process of classification can be used to expand the law to achieve the purpose of mixing, and combined use with other preservatives.

 Nisin NISIN generally 0.05g/kg---0.2g/kg.

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