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Dosage introduction of sorbic acid

Dosage introduction of sorbic acid
Sorbic acid class of sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate three varieties. Sorbic acid is not soluble in water, the use must first be dissolved in ethanol or potassium hydrogen sulfate, the use is not convenient and its irritating, it is generally not used; sorbic acid, calcium FAO / WHO provided its use is small, so it do not use; potassium sorbate is not their shortcomings, soluble in water, using a wide range, we often can in some drinks, preserved fruit, canned food to see its shadow; here I focus on what potassium sorbate: It unsaturated six carbonated; general of potassium sorbate on the market was white or light yellow particles content of 98% - 102%; no odor or slight odor, easy to absorb, easily oxidized and becomes brown light and heat stability, relative density 1.363, melting point 270 ℃ decomposition, the 1% solution of PH :7-8.


Acidic potassium sorbate preservative, has a high antibacterial properties, inhibiting mold growth and reproduction; the main body through the inhibition of microbial dehydrogenase system, and thus inhibit microbial growth and corrosion from the effect on bacteria, fungi, yeast was inhibited; the effect diminished with the increase of PH, PH 3 reached peak inhibition, PH will still have antimicrobial activity of 6, but the lowest concentration (MIC) at 0.2% is not the end of the experiment that PH: 3.2 potassium sorbate solution than PH2.4 of impregnation, without sterilization of food 2-4 times a short shelf life.


Sorbic acid, potassium sorbate and calcium sorbate are three kinds of the same mechanism of action, toxicity than the benzoic acid esters and Nipagin smaller, the amount of days allowed for the 25mg/Kg, benzoic acid 5-fold, 2.5-paraben esters times is a relatively safe food preservative; in China can be used for soy sauce, vinegar, sauce classes, jams, pickles class, canned food and some wine, and so on.

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