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Sorbic acid and potassium in the application of aquatic products

Sorbic acid and potassium in the application of aquatic products

(1) surimi foods: surimi-type products in the pH between 6.8-7.2. If we lower the pH, will affect the flexibility of surimi. The preservative sorbic acid is an acidic, so the amount of sorbic acid should not exceed 1.0 g / kg. In order to solve the elasticity of pH and surimi contradictory problem, you can use a mixture of sorbic acid and potassium sorbate, potassium sorbate can be used alone.

(2) fish sausage: 0.1% -0.2% according to the amount of fish sausage to add a mixture of potassium sorbate and sorbic acid, in the case of 30 ℃ storage of two weeks, this sausage is not bad; The control sample will turn bad after a week. When the pH of fish sausage adjusted to less than 6, the temperature at 10-15 ℃, this fish sausage can save seven weeks without deterioration.

(3) dried fish products: dry foods high degree of moisture content below 30% of dried fish products, the general corruption of bacteria does not occur, but the phenomenon will have mildew. Add sorbic acid, dried fish products can prevent problems from occurring in the mold, the amount of sorbic acid 1.0 g / kg.

(4) smoked fish products: smoked fish products in the spray on the concentration of 5% -10% of the potassium sorbate solution sprayed before the process can be smoked, can also be smoked or smoked in the post-implementation.

(5) cooking the fish sauce: add the amount of 0.1% sorbic acid in accordance with such food, the temperature at 10-15 ℃, can be stored for two months without deterioration.

(6) fish, shrimp and other seafood: fresh fish and other aquatic products will be cleaned, immersed in the solution containing the preservative sorbic acid for 20 seconds, then drain the solution, the fish cold. Preservation solution formula is: sorbic acid 1.0% -5.0%, 1.0% -20% glycerol, 0.3% -3.0% polyvinyl alcohol, the rest are all water.

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