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Sodium benzoate toxicity and safety

Toxicity and safety
 To ensure the absolute safety of food additives used, the world can use a variety of food additives, and maximum use of the scope of application, there are stringent regulations, subject to regulatory laws. Internationally recognized food additive safety indicators LD, 50GRAS and ADI (Ling Guan Ting, 2003) LD (rat, oral) is to determine the food additive safety often 50 to use indicators, but also any food additives must be carried out toxicological evaluation of the first phase of acute toxicity test indicators, LD greater that the smaller its toxicity, its use in food security higher, according to Chinas Ministry of Health, "toxicological evaluation of food safety standards" (1994) toxicity division regulations, benzoic acid and sodium benzoate are actually non-toxic class, while the meat is often used as hair color agent sodium nitrite LD is 220 mg. kg-1, belongs to a middle class drug.


 U.S. FDA GRAS food additive safety evaluation indicators. According to FDA regulations, benzoic acid (FDA, § 184.1021,2000) is listed as generally recognized as safe food additive (GRAS). ADI (Acceptable Daily Intakes) value of the daily human intake per kilogram of body weight to allow the number of milligrams, the value is from the FAO / WHO (1994) regulations, the use of benzoic acid in food amount 0.2-1g/kg. As long as the national standard in accordance with the provisions of the added amount of use is not a security problem.

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