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The fuction of rosemary extract
1 strong inhibitory ability: The test machine inhibition of aflatoxin rosemary antioxidant, E. coli and other 25 kinds of bacteria, mold, grease and other antioxidants, compared with a safe and efficient, low-cost advantage. The first choice for the green food antioxidants.

2 anti-oxidation, anti-aging: the body can eliminate excessive free radicals, protect cell membrane structure, slowing the human aging. A large number of tests showed that rosemary antioxidants have significant antioxidant activity, the antioxidant vitamin E, Tien is stronger than nature, if and with vitamin C and vitamin E also has a synergistic effect.

3 lower cholesterol, inhibit atherosclerosis: rosemary extract the active ingredients of the organisms have an important role in fat metabolism, with significant inhibition of plasma and liver cholesterol levels increase the role, so it is prevention of atherosclerosis .

4 strong effect of lipid-lowering diet: rosemary extract through antioxidant activity, can stimulate and accelerate the bodys fat metabolism, not only can lower blood pressure, and lipid compounds can promote the effect from the faeces, to lose weight, with emodin, rhein anthraquinone, etc. can be developed very slimming effect.

5 Eliminate the free radicals strong effect: As the rosemary antioxidants remove free radicals, quenching singlet oxygen, cosmetic results significantly better than the current popularity of the world the SOD (superoxide dismutase), there is great potential for health drinks, oral, cosmetic and other industries.

6 Easily soluble: The proper handling of the product, it is easy to dissolve in the water-soluble substances.

7 Easy Shipping: solid powder, easy to transport and storage.

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