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Rosemary extract application in food industry
Rosemary extract application in food industry

Rosemary itself is a long history of aromatic plants, due to fragrance, so it can be used outside the xylem of leaves or whole plants in the rapid post-harvest drying, milling, and then by a certain percentage added to food products for cooking. Its in bacon, chicken, soup, when used for seasoning, add the spices of the food a unique flavor, popular. In some European countries, people even used directly for cooking fresh rosemary.

Rosemary essential oil is also one of the traditional spices, obtained by distillation process has a unique cool refreshing scent of rosemary, both a certain antioxidant. Can be used in soft drinks, condiments, meat, bakery products, etc. were. Add a pleasant aroma of rosemary essential oil for food, delicious.

 Rosemary extract can be divided into oil-soluble extract (antioxidant) and soluble (anti-oxidants and preservatives), with active ingredients the former mainly carnosic acid, which is mainly rosmarinic acid. Oil-soluble antioxidants are mainly used in oil, dairy products, oil-rich food, candy, baking and other food products. Its role is to prevent lipid oxidation deterioration and discoloration of food oxidation. Due to excellent thermal stability, can withstand 190 ℃ to 240 ℃ high temperature, so the baked goods, fried foods and other high temperature processing or need high-temperature sterilization of food need to have strong applicability. Water-soluble antioxidants can be widely used in various beverages, seafood, natural water-soluble pigment which, the product also has strong antioxidant capacity, and can withstand high temperature above 100 ℃. The main ingredient rosmarinic acid, both antioxidant and antimicrobial preservative effectiveness.

Because rosemary extract can clear the body of free radicals, quenching singlet oxygen, to maintain the bodys normal physiological function, so the long-term consumption of foods containing rosemary extract on the human body is very useful. Especially in recent years, as living standards improve, people increasingly popular green food, toxic side effects of synthetic antioxidants because of the human body with irreversible kidney damage, is being gradually replaced by natural antioxidants. Currently, in Japan, the United States and other developed countries have limited or banned the use of harmful synthetic antioxidants. Natural rosemary antioxidants in their stability, heat resistance, high spectrum, add less and will not affect the color of food color and other demanding features in polyphenols, VE, and other similar products came out top.

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