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Wheat Gluten applications in the food industry

Wheat Gluten applications in the food industry
Wheat Gluten in the food industry involves the use of traditional products in powder products, paste products, grain and fiber products, as previously mentioned roasted bran, mold bran, old meat, vegetarian chicken, vegetarian duck, vegetarian intestine, gluten and other oil. Compared with soy protein to its unique viscoelastic, emulsification is another distinct advantage, and can be used extensively for nutritious food industry, with the gluten quality improvement, especially in freezing temperatures plunged heat denaturation of gluten production technology development, further expand the scope to use, is now being widely applied to meat products and aquatic products in the refining, because of its unique viscoelastic, has been widely applied to the elastic material being strengthened, as a protein fortifier for deeper development and utilization.


Wheat Gluten application in the Livestock meat products
Wheat gluten used in meat products, the thermal denaturation is the main reason for being slow to use. In general, wheat gluten coagulation temperature above 80 ℃, and the meat processed products pasteurization temperature of 70-75 ℃, low temperature in this case, wheat gluten is difficult to play its due effect. Therefore, the meat products used in the processing of wheat gluten, usually to some extent with reducing agents or enzymes for processing of denatured wheat gluten, wheat gluten as the thermal denaturation solidification temperature is about 65-70 ℃ lower , so can be used to enhance the flexibility of sausage products in the material, the dosage of 2% -3% when the fat content of wheat gluten and more meat for sausage and other products, the emulsification is widely used.

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