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Wheat starch production advantages

Wheat starch production advantages

     Compared to other starch, wheat starch production has its unique advantages:

     1, the relative concentration of raw materials: Chinas wheat production is mainly concentrated in the North China Plain, Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Anhui and other provinces adjacent to the four annual output amounted to seventy million tons, accounting for 12% of world production, almost Indias wheat production in the United States or equal. North China Plain is one of Chinas most fertile land, large areas of wheat yield per hectare can reach 6 tons.

     2, the wheat growing season is short, planting wheat in North China region, after the wheat harvest, can be one season of corn, peanuts or other crops.

     3, large-scale mechanized harvesting has been formed, high-quality wheat has been a large scale.

     4, more important advantage is that the protein content of wheat up to 13%, compared with 9.5% corn, rice 8.5% is much higher, and the protein quality is good, for the development of starch, protein utilization, more meaningful.

     Compared with other starch, wheat starch production, also has its unique features:

     A, in the special structure of wheat, wheat protein content is relatively high, the separation of its starch, potato than corn and other difficulties;

     B, the production of wheat starch, protein and starch as difficult to separate, either wheat gluten or starch, to go through two separate, but about 12% of B-starch. This part of the starch, sugar contains a lot of impurities and structural protein E, it is difficult separation and utilization.

     C, the protein is different from the corn, wheat protein, its quality and value should be much higher. Therefore, the comprehensive utilization of wheat gluten, wheat production is the key.

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