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Soy protein concentrate quality standards

      Soy protein concentrate (Soy protein concentrate, abbreviated SPC) is high-quality soybean meal to remove water-soluble or alcohol-soluble non-protein part of the post, the prepared containing 65% (dry basis) over the protein (N × 6.25) of soy protein products .

 High gelation, emulsification or high dispersion, greatly improve the comprehensive utilization, lower production costs, widely used in meat and processed foods, baked goods, ice cream, candy and beverage production.

 Quality standards
 1) Color: white, light yellow
 2) Odor: protein concentrate inherent odor, no other smell.
 3) protein content (N * 6.25): ≥ 65%
 4) :7-9% moisture
 5) Fat: <0.8%
 6) Ash: <6.0%
 7) The provisions of the fiber volume: <4%
 8) NSI: 5-10%
 9) Size: 100 mesh (90% pass)
 10) total number of colonies: ≤ 30000cfu / g
 11) Coliform: ≤ 30MPN/100g
 12) pathogens (Salmonella, Shigella, Staphylococcus aureus) not detected.
 13) who hold the oil-water ratio: 1:3:3

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