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Application of feed grade soy protein concentrate

 Suckling pig smooth milk is the key to success. Suckling pigs digestive system has not been perfect, and there are very strong in the weaning period of stress, need to palatability, digestion and absorption rate, quality and stability of the protein material. At this point a good choice of protein sources is essential for the smooth growth of piglets. Our protein concentrate as a digestible protein content, palatability, and anti-nutritional factors and indigestible oligosaccharides and bacteria concentrations are very low quality protein material, it is necessary for the growth of weaned piglets is milk the Cubs ideal for the healthy growth of pigs.

  Aquatic soy protein concentrate has proven to be an excellent fish and shrimp feed plant protein source. Antigen levels because of his low ash, low phosphorus, unlike the content of fish meal as a high level of biogenic amines, but also has excellent granulation of. Add the appropriate amount can increase the survival rate of breeding species, to maintain normal growth, while improving feed efficiency.

  Youqin As Youqin intestinal short of animal protein use efficiency barriers. The product can be effectively applied to improve the survival rate in Youqin, reduce diarrhea and promote growth.

 Calf calfs digestive system for milk protein, but its expensive, so always looking for good quality calf feed, digestible milk substitutes. Our products are the best choice for calf rearing period, with low anti-nutritional factors, low iron content, high digestibility characteristics.

  Pet pet food has been like to use soy protein concentrate is the value of its economic practicality, functionality and integrated comprehensive nutrition, in particular, to ensure the stability of quality pet food. Other as a high-quality plant protein material, with the feed industry development in the application of animal feed and space will increase. We will also show you the new needs and provide assistance anytime, anywhere.

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