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Functional Soy Protein Concentrate

English Name: Functional Soy Protein Concentrate
  Product Name: Surkhang S (Solcon S)
        Soy protein naturally present in soy have good emulsifying and gel properties, but the processing of soy protein concentrate used solvent degreasing and alcohol-water washing process results in soy protein denaturation and emulsifying and gel properties of their loss, can not meet the meat processing and protection of water-oil needs. To maximize the use value of soy protein concentrate, Israel Daniel invented the applications and other physical means of heating and homogenizing the soy protein concentrate, emulsion and gel to regain functionality. This function has the emulsification and gel properties of soy protein concentrate, soy protein concentrate known as functional.
        Is a functional soy protein concentrate soy protein concentrate as raw material by physical processes such as heating and homogenizing the production of a beany flavor is low, more than 68% protein content and high gel, high emulsification and high dispersion the solid powdery product.


 Raw material
         Soy protein concentrate. Soy protein is a soybean as raw material to the complex, mechanical shelling, solvent degreasing and washing process water and alcohol to get the protein content of 65% (dry basis) of the powdered solid.

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