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Functional characteristics of soy protein isolate

Functional characteristics
 Soy protein isolate is a surface active agent, it not only reduces the surface tension of water and oil, but also reduce the surface tension of water and air. Easy to form a stable emulsion. In baked goods, frozen foods and soups food production, adding soy protein isolate as emulsifiers enable the products stable state.

 Soy protein isolate peptide chain along its backbone, containing many polar, and therefore have a water absorption, water retention and swelling. Protein isolate protein concentrate absorbent stronger than many, and almost free from the influence of temperature. Protein isolate processing there to keep moisture in the capacity of water retention capacity of up to 14g water / g protein.
 Oil absorption
 Protein isolate added meat products, emulsion and can form a gel matrix to prevent the movement of fat to the surface, thus promoting fat absorption or fat plays a role in combination. Processing can reduce the fat and meat juice loss, helps to maintain the appearance of stability. Protein isolate was 154% of the oil.
 It allows separation of proteins has a high viscosity, plasticity and elasticity, can make the water carrier, but also can flavor agents, sugar and other complexes of the carrier, which is extremely beneficial to food processing.
 Soy protein, protein isolate foam best performance. The use of soy protein foaming, can give food to the loose structure and good taste.
 Conjunctiva of
 When the meat chopped, with separation of a mixture of protein and egg protein coated on the fiber surface to form a thin film, easy to dry, to prevent the smell loss, help re-hydration process, and re-hydration products provide a reasonable structure.

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