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Soy protein isolated application

Soy protein isolated is a large low-temperature melting off a meal for the full price of raw materials to produce protein food additives. Soy protein isolated protein content of 90% or more, there are nearly 20 kinds of amino acid types, and contains essential amino acids. The nutrient-rich, cholesterol-free, is one of the few vegetable protein alternative to animal protein species.

 Meat products
 In the higher grade meat by adding soy protein isolated, not only to improve the texture of meat and add flavor, but also increase the protein content, vitamins strengthened. Because of its strong functionality, the amount of between 2 to 5% of the water can play, Paul grease, to prevent the gravy segregation, improve quality, improve the taste of the role. Injection into the isolated protein as meat in the ham, then meat processing, ham, ground rate can be increased by 20%. Protein isolate for fish cakes, fish rolls or fish sausages, it is desirable with 20 to 40% of the fish.

 The soy protein isolated used in place of milk, milk beverages and various forms of non-milk products. Nutritious, cholesterol-free alternative to milk is the food. Skim milk instead of soy protein isolate for the production of ice cream, ice cream emulsion can improve the nature of delayed lactose crystallization, prevent "sand" phenomenon.

 Flour products
 Production of bread by adding no more than 5% of the separation of proteins, can increase loaf volume, improve skin color, extend shelf life; processing noodles are added 2 to 3% of the protein isolate can reduce the rate of broken bars after boiling, the noodles to improve yield, and the noodles good color, taste and strong flour noodles similar.
 Soy protein isolated can be used in beverages, nutritional food, fermented food and other food industries, to improve food quality, increase nutrition, reduce serum cholesterol and prevent heart and cerebrovascular diseases have a unique role.

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