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Nutritional value of soy protein isolated

Nutritional value
 High protein
 Both the vegetarian or the ordinary people, isolated soy protein powder is the perfect high-quality protein supplements.
 Need for low-calorie diet for weight loss, the diet with soy protein instead of some protein, not only reduces cholesterol and saturated fat intake, but also to achieve a balanced nutritional intake.
 Of calcium
 Soy protein can prevent urinary calcium loss, promote bone health and reduce the chances of suffering from osteoporosis.
 Studies have shown that daily doses of 25g of soy protein can reduce blood total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol, thereby reducing the risk of heart disease.
 No discomfort
 In addition to isolated soy protein powder to any original nutritional inhibitors soybean trypsin inhibitor, so do not worry about indigestion, bloating and other symptoms.

 Sensory indicators
 Appearance of pale yellow, white powder, no visible foreign matter. Other indicators of functional user requirements can be determined.

 Physical and chemical indicators
 Protein (dry basis)% ≥ 90% ≤ 1 fat

 Moisture% ≤ 7.0 Ash% ≤ 6.0

 Crude fiber ≤ 1 dissolved nitrogen index (NSI) ≥ 85 ~ 95

 Arsenic mg / kg ≤ 0.5 Pb mg / kg ≤ 1.0

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