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Soy protein important role in meat products

Soy protein important role in meat products

Because soy protein has functional properties of proteins, so widely in food processing applications. In recent years, with the development of social productive forces, peoples living standard has improved, the consumption of meat has reached an unprecedented height, also with a variety of meat products to the needs of the consumer market. Soy protein with its important functional properties in meat processing in the important role played by the meat processing industry is also growing concern, mainly in meat processing in the following aspects of the use of soy protein characteristics.

1) strengthen the nutrition of high-cost protein source

Soy protein with its low price, good quality meat protein has been widely used in the sausage, ham and other products, soy protein, not only can improve the protein content, but also improve the ratio of protein, the protein nutrition more comprehensive and reasonable.

2) the role of seasoning in the meat products

Soy protein contains a small amount of fatty acids and carbohydrates, in the heat after the beans will have a unique aroma, and meat; sometimes raw meat (eg fish) or accessories which have as a result of processing (such as sterilization) generated by some unpleasant odor, may cause consumer resentment, soy protein have a unique aroma scent masking effect of the above, and thus soy protein has a certain flavor of the meat effect.

3) soy protein to improve the structure of meat products

Soy protein has good features and bonding properties of the gel, in meat processing in the use of this feature after adding soy protein products can effectively improve the structure, and enhance product flexibility, hardness, density structure of the product taste better , more sensual.

4) the use of emulsifying properties of soy protein, meat products to solve the water, the oil issue

Water, the oil is the meat processing, storage process, one of the most common problems, the use of soy protein has both hydrophilic groups and lipophilic groups of the characteristics of the water and fat with good affinity and capacity, can be adsorbed water and oil to form a more stable network structure, so that the meat in water and oil do not freed in the process of processing and storage of water does not occur, the oil phenomenon.

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