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Tartaric acid isomeric

 Tartaric acid has two chiral carbon symmetrical with each other, with the three isomers.

 Dihydroxy tartaric acid is succinic acid. There are two asymmetric carbon atoms, there are three stereoisomers, namely: D-type (D-, L-), L-type (L-type, D type), meso-type. Typically, racemic tartaric acid, also known as sour grapes type. D-tartaric acid to free-type or K salt, Ca salt, Mg salt form widely distributed in higher plants, especially the more present in the fruit and leaves. In the manufacture of wine, it will deposit a lot of tartar (potassium hydrogen). In addition, fungi and lichens are also common to its existence. Recently isolated from the fermentation of tartaric acid bacteria (Gluconoba-cter suboxydans strain variation), glucose oxidation in the body is decomposed by 5 - keto gluconic acid, glycolic acid, while in the formation of the formation of tartaric acid. Ammonium tartrate by micro-organisms, can be turned into succinic acid, therefore, the industrial production of succinic acid with tartaric acid as a raw material, Pasteur (L. Pasteus) once tartaric acid as the optical activity of natural substances of the material, it is in history well-known.

 D-tartaric acid present in a variety of juice, commonly used in industrial fermentation of glucose to the system. L-tartaric acid can be split to obtain racemic body, but also in Mali, the fruit and leaves of Bauhinia. Racemic D-tartaric acid by alkali or acid treatment by the system, but also by chemical synthesis, for example, by fumaric acid with potassium permanganate oxidation. Of racemic not exist in nature, it can be maleic acid with potassium permanganate oxidation.

 Tartaric acid and citric acid is similar to the food industry, such as the manufacture of beverages. Combination of tartaric acid and tannin, acid dyes can be used as mordant. Tartaric acid with a variety of metal ions, can be used for metal surface cleaning agents and polishing agents.

 Potassium sodium tartrate, also known as Rochelle salt can be prepared Fehlings solution, can be done medically laxatives and diuretics. Tartrate crystals have piezoelectric properties, can be used for the electronics industry. Antimony potassium tartrate as vomiting agent, also known as tartar emetic, and treatment of schistosomiasis japonica.

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