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What is Glucono Delta Lactone

 Commonly known as: lactone, is a wide range of uses of food additives.

 Tofu is a traditional point into the plaster and brine, under modern science has invented better than gypsum and brine products - gluconic acid lactone. It points out the tofu with a more delicate taste and nutritional value is also higher, we see in the supermarket is to use it within a point of fat tofu into.

 It is usually a white crystal or crystalline powder. Almost odorless. After the first sweet taste sour. Decomposition at about 153 ℃, soluble in water, the slow hydrolysis in aqueous solution to form gluconic acid lactone and δ lactone and у the balance. Slightly soluble in ethanol, insoluble in ether.

   Use: flavoring agent, tofu coagulant, PH reducing agent and leavening agent of raw materials. Added to milk to prevent milk stone build. Stone can be used for beer brewing industry to prevent the agent. Added to toothpaste to help remove tartar

 Molecular formula: C6H10O6
 CAS NO.: 90-80-2
 EINECS No.: 202-016-5
 Molecular Weight: 178.14
 This product is dried at 105 ℃ for 2h after the quantitative, with gluconic acid lactone (C6H10O6) 99% or more.

 This product is white crystal or crystalline powder, sometimes slightly smell. Started sweet taste, and later was a little sour.

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