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Main function and purpose of L-tartaric acid

L-tartaric acid

Properties Colorless translucent crystals or white crystalline powder fine to coarse, sour taste.
Chemical name of the L (+) -2,3 - dihydroxy-acid
Molecular formula C4H6O6
Molecular Weight 150.09
Quality indicators <FCCIV,1996> content (C4H6O6 dollars) 99.7% ~ 100.5% (dry basis)
Specific Rotation +12.0 ° ~ +13.0 °
Heavy metals (as Pb) ≤ 10mg/kg
Residue on ignition ≤ 0.05%
Loss on drying ≤ 0.5%
Arsenic (As) ≤ 3mg/kg
Oxalate in line with the provisions of FCCIV
Sulfate in line with the provisions of FCCIV

Main function and purpose
L (+) - tartaric acid widely used as food, beverage and other sour agent for wine, soft drinks, candy, bread, some jelly sweets. Its optical activity, as chemical resolving agent, intermediate for the manufacture of anti-TB drugs DL-amino-butanol split; raw materials can also be used as chiral tartaric acid derivatives; use of its acidic resin as polyester fabric finishing catalyst, oryzanol production PH regulator; use of its complex nature, for electroplating, desulfurization, acid and chemical analysis, medical examination of the complexing agent, masking agent, chelating agents, anti-dyeing agent; its reduction, as a mirror of the chemical reducing agent. Photographic developer. But also with a variety of metal ions, can be used for metal surface cleaning agents and polishing agents.

Packing: 25KG composite paper bag lined with PE bag, 20 container can hold 20 tons (pallet).

Storage: protected from light, dry, cool place for storage.


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