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Ethyl vanillin function and use

Function and use
 This product is mainly used in pharmaceutical manufacturing and spices flavor enhancer, used for containing glycerol, ethanol

 For thinner liquid formulation, but also for semi-solid and solid dosage formulations, such as cream, powder and so on.

 In the food industry, using the same areas and vanillin, especially for milk-based foods Fu Hong agent, may be used alone or with vanillin, glycerin, etc. used in conjunction.

 In the Japanese chemical industry is mainly used for cosmetics, Fu Hong agent.


 Other features
 Compatibility changes: not a strong acid with oxides and compatibility of the use.

 Security: This product is non-toxic, LD 50 for the 1590-2000mg/Kg (rat, oral), MNL to 1000mg/Kg (rat), generally recognized as safe (FDA, 1985). Daily intake of 0-10mg/Kg (FAO / WHO, 1967) CDB, (8,6).

 Storage Notes: This product should be sealed, dark, stored in a cool, dry place.

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