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Vanillin outline

  Synthetic vanillin is the first human essence, from German M · G · Taiman Dr. Hallman, Dr. successful synthesis in 1874. Usually divided into methyl vanillin and ethyl vanillin. Methyl vanillin (vanillin), chemical name 3 - methoxy-4 - hydroxyphenyl formaldehyde, the appearance of white or slightly yellow crystals, with vanilla aroma and rich milk, the flavor industry, the largest species, is that people generally love the main component of vanilla cream. Its use is widespread, such as food, cosmetics, tobacco industry as a raw material fragrant, flavoring agent or fixative agent, including beverages, candy, cakes, biscuits, bread and roasted seeds and nuts and other food consumption mostly. There is no related reports that vanillin harmful. Ethyl vanillin is white to light yellow needle crystal or crystalline powder, similar to the vanilla bean aroma, aroma thicker than the methyl vanillin. Is a broad spectrum spices, is the worlds one of the most important synthetic fragrances, food additives industry is an indispensable raw material, its aroma is 3-4 times that of vanillin, with rich Vanilla Bean gas, and fragrant lasting. Widely used in food, chocolate, ice cream, beverages and daily cosmetics from the aroma and fixative effect. Ethyl vanillin can also do other feed additives, electroplating industry, brightening agent, intermediate pharmaceutical industry.


 Function and use

  Vanillin is an important Flavors is one of the food flavoring agent, a vanilla bean aroma and strong desire of the milk, the food additives industry, an important and indispensable raw material, widely used in a variety of need to increase milk fragrant breath perfumers foods such as cakes, cold drinks, chocolate, candy, biscuits, instant noodles, bread and tobacco, perfumery alcohol, toothpaste, soap, perfume, cosmetics, ice cream, beverages and daily cosmetics and aroma from the set Hong role. Can also be used for soap, toothpaste, perfume, rubber, plastics and pharmaceuticals. Meet FCCIV standards.

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