Basic Information of furaneol
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Basic Information of furaneol

Furaneol trace exists in the food, tobacco, beverage, flavor threshold for the 0.04ppb flavoring on a clear modification effect, which is widely used as food, tobacco, beverage flavoring agent; furanone, although widespread in natural products However, because of its content is very low, can not meet their daily needs, is now used in many food industry for the synthesis of products.

 Basic Information
 Chinese name: Furaneol
 English name: Furaneol; DMHF; Strawberry furanone; 2,5-Dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3 [2H]-furanone
 Chemical Name: 4 - hydroxy-2,5 - dimethyl -3 (2H) - furanone, pineapple ketone, strawberry ketone
 Chemical formula: C6H8O3
 Molecular Weight: 128.13
 CAS No :3658-77-3
 EINECS: 222-908-8
 FEMA No.: 3174
 MDL number: MFCD00010706

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