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Preparation and application of furaneol

 From 2 - butene nitrile and ethyl lactate in the presence of alkali condensation cyclization, then the role off with KHSO4 HCN formed.

  From the propylene glycol in the presence of zinc catalyst oxidation, reduction, dimerization Dehydration made​​.

 GB 2769-2007 provision to be used in food spices. Can be widely used in food, beverage and cosmetic products, the United States to use spices Association (FEMA) (Registration number: 3174) and the European spice Council (document number: 536) approved the use of safety spices.

 Use of limited
 FEMA (mg / kg): ice cream, gelatin and puddings, 5.0; candy, bakery products, 10.0; beverages containing alcohol, 60.

 Safety Data
 Hazard Symbols: Xn
 Risk: R22
 Safety note: S36-S24/25
 WGK Germany: 3
 RTECS: LU3990000
 F :10-23

 Save storage
 Nitrogen should be packaged in aluminum foil bag, Kaifeng should be as soon as possible or stored in a cool nitrogen containers stored in the dark.

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