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Collagen applications and effects

Applications and effects

1, as a food additive
Meat in meat products made using conditioner, the hydrolysis products of collagen gelatin, collagen by disrupting intramolecular hydrogen bonds, close to the original super-helical structure was destroyed. The formation of relatively loose structure of small molecules, can be added to improve the connective tissue of meat tenderness, it has a good quality; increase the protein content + both good taste and nutrition. M euUenet and others studies have shown that the amount of collagen plus 2%, water 20%, the sausage and feel, texture and taste (lubrication sense) the best. At the same time as collagen and other proteins have good dyeability, according to the needs of products, you can use red yeast rice and other food coloring to dye pink similar to muscle tissue, so that consumers readily accepted.

2, frozen food

Gelatin can be used as frozen food improver, as a jelly agent, its low melting point, soluble in hot water, with the entrance of the features commonly used for food with jelly, food jelly, jelly and so on. In ice cream, ice cream production, adding an appropriate amount of gelatin can serve to prevent the formation of coarse grains of ice, stay organized and reduce the melting speed delicate role. The amount of gelatin in ice cream is generally 0.25% to 0.60%.

3 drinks

Isinglass is internationally recognized as the most advanced plastic clarifying agent in beer and wine industry, isinglass and gelatin as a settlement, clarifying agent, you can get very good results, product quality is also very stable. In the wine brewing process also play a thickener, emulsifier, stabilizer, clarifying agent role. In the production of tea, tea gelatin can prevent long-term storage due to turbidity, the purpose of improving the quality of tea.

 4, dairy products

Collagen peptides can be used in neutral milk drinks, acidic milk drinks, fresh milk, yogurt and other liquid dairy products towel, played anti-whey precipitation, emulsion stability effects can also be added to milk, milk powder can improve the nutritional value, but also to enhance the functionality of milk powder to accelerate bone development, enhance intelligence, improve the bodys immune system.

5, confectionery

Collagen peptides can be added to bread, its adding 3% to 5%, bread aging time may be extended to improve the bread volume and bread softness. Gelatin with water and support the role of the skeleton, the particles dissolve in water. Can be interwoven into a network structure, cohesion, the sugar can be filled with water to make soft candy stable form, bear a greater load will not be deformed, to improve the nutritional value of candy, can develop low-calorie candy.

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