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Collagen used as food packaging materials

Can be used as food packaging materials
 1, artificial casings
 In recent years. Various types of sausage meat products in a growing proportion, a serious lack of natural casing products. Researchers are working to develop alternatives to the major collagen protein collagen casing itself is a nutritious high-protein substances. In the heat treatment process, with the evaporation of water and fat melting. Collagen is almost the same meat shrinkage. And other edible packaging material has not been found to have this quality. Second, the collagen itself immobilized enzyme function. Can improve food flavor and quality. Especially sausage products. Artificial collagen casing also has good taste, high transparency, simple fabrication process, etc., conducive to mass production, the development prospect.

  2, the packaging film
 Collagen can be used within the packaging films such as preserved fruits, secondary to glycerol, caCl2 and other additives to improve the mechanical properties of the membrane, as both beautiful and good mechanical properties, but also a nutrient carrier. Packaging of edible collagen film, and generally has good tensile strength, heat sealing and high gas barrier, oil resistance, moisture barrier and so on. Can be widely used in various types of food preservation.

 3, the coating material
 Gelatin as a coating material in the food surface has many advantages:
 ① prevent food oxidation, inhibition of amino acid and the Maillard reaction between sugars:
 ② to prevent the powder, granulated sugar foods to absorb moisture caking stiffness phenomenon;
 ③ shiny surface of the food;
 ④ as a stabilizer to prevent product shrinkage deformation;
 ⑤ with Preservation. Soak the sugar in the fruit and vegetables. Adding a certain amount of gelatin solution to form a protective film to the surface of fruits and vegetables. Can guarantee the foods natural flavor and freshness;
 ⑥ prevent food spoilage. Extend the shelf life of food;
 ⑦ to improve the preservation of volatile food components;
 ⑧ adjust solubility, and so on.


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