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Comparison of collagen and hyaluronic acid

Comparison of collagen and hyaluronic acid
 Collagen is a kind of biological macromolecules in animal cells to play the role with the organization. For the biotechnology industrys most crucial raw material, is one of the huge demand for the best biomedical materials. Applications include biomedical materials, cosmetics, food industry, research uses. Now widely used in cosmetic wrinkle. Normal cosmetic collagen, mainly used to fill wrinkles and smaller relatively small soft tissue defects.


Enhanced Beauty collagen (collagen food), mainly used to fill deep wrinkles and relatively larger area of soft tissue defects. Enhanced with the ordinary type of difference is that the former high concentration, into the body, to maintain a longer time, which is the concentration of low retention time shorter. The lifting effect will vary by individual. And when should you choose to discuss with your doctor, see which is more suitable for you. Hyaluronic acid is a disaccharide units (grape acid-N-B sulfur glucosamine) polymer composed of straight-chain polysaccharide, is a naturally occurring substance in the organization. Widely exist in nature vertebrate connective tissue, mucous tissue, the eyes lens and the film clip of some bacteria, in the dermis of human skin plays an important role in the matrix, whether the overall organizational structure of the maintenance or is transported between cells have a very important function. In addition to the effect that it wrinkles, you can also use it to lips and nose job.

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