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Biomedical applications of collagen products

Many medical research unit, is trying to make collagen, a variety of different uses of clinical trials, such as using treated with abundant collagen containing raw pig skin, covering the burn, burn wound patients; use of collagen extracted protein, into epidermal cells and promote the growth of capacity, substantially shorten the healing time and improve the burn patients ability to survive. Since collagen has a protection and support body tissue and bone tensile strength and has a viscosity, elasticity and other features, it can be used as biomedical materials for use in orthopedics, plastic surgery, dermatology, cardiovascular surgery, neurosurgery, dental and ophthalmic so promising in clinical application.

Biomedical applications of collagen products
Collagen extracted from animal tissue and, after purification, can be made into various forms of products used in bio-medicine.

1 solution for injection
For filling soft tissue defects, such as small needle cosmetic, skin repair pit and wrinkles.

2 thick fibrous
Collagen could be made available surgical sutures, because the living body can be high for the body to absorb, but also remove the stitches of the program. Tendon and ligament, by appropriate chemical modification of treatment, in clinical medicine can be replaced due to injury caused by a short column of bones and ligaments.

3 colloidal
Used in drug delivery, to fill the defect specific parts of the organization to achieve the plastic skin or organ tissue and repair purposes.

4 tubular
Such products prior to coating the overall anticoagulant or blood vessel cells to fill, but also as a vascular substitute materials: Neurosurgery medically tubular collagen guided peripheral nerve regeneration is an excellent medium protein.

5 thin film or sheet
Ophthalmic medical use of collagen membrane (collagenshield), can be used to accelerate the repair of corneal epithelial cells, and can eliminate the anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-clotting drugs such as release, effectively reduce corneal edema. The application of dental implant materials will be placed on the collagen film surface to enhance its biological suitability, or use to fill the collagen film, prompting the periodontal tissue, alveolar bone, periodontal ligament re-growth, so the teeth and surrounding tissue can have a better seal.

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