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Glucosamine basic introduction

About Glucosamine

 Glucosamine (Glucosamine), also known as glucosamine, is commonly known as Glucosamine, mainly in human articular cartilage and connective tissue, cartilage cells, the formation of important nutrients, but also the cartilage matrix and synovial fluid of the basic ingredients, inhibiting free radical generation , the joint supply of physiological activity.

 Glucosamine (Glucosamine), also known as glucosamine, Glucosamine (Glucosamine) is formed between the articular cartilage and joint lubrication important raw material, to provide joint lubrication and protection.

 Glucosamine can be synthesized by the body, but with age, become less synthetic. The final synthesis is not the human body, slowly the lack of wear and tear and cause joint pain and degradation. Traditional use of the practice of anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis, inflammation and pain can ease the symptoms, but can not recover the joint lesions, and may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, ulcers, and increased liver and kidney burden.

 Joint use of glucosamine to supply the nutritional needs, and as a method of treatment for arthritis, as well as industry and academia are increasingly being valued by clinicians.

 The therapeutic effect of glucosamine

 The conservation role of glucosamine

 Role in the rehabilitation of glucosamine

 The anti-aging effects of glucosamine

 Relationship between age and glucosamine

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