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 Glucosamine content in daily food is minimal, the need to rely on a special supplement to supplement. Glucosamine supplements are derived from chitin, this trait in shrimp, lobster and crab shell can be extracted.

 Synthesis method
 Glucosamine can be synthesized by the body, but with age, become less synthetic. The final synthesis is not the human body, slowly the lack of wear and tear and cause joint pain and degradation. Traditional use of the practice of anti-inflammatory drugs for arthritis, inflammation and pain can ease the symptoms, but can not recover the joint lesions, and may cause gastrointestinal discomfort, ulcers, and increased liver and kidney burden.

 Glucosamine widespread human cartilage, tendons and other joint tissues, it can stimulate cartilage cells to produce more collagen, glycoproteins and GAG. Cartilage glucosamine more new collagen, glycoproteins, and the more glycosaminoglycan, can absorb the more lubricating fluid, the more natural softness joint health. As the body ages, the rate of synthesis of glucosamine can not catch up with the speed of decomposition, so that gradually the lack of body and joint Glucosamine, near the affected joint metabolism, so long as physical activity, giving rise to stiffness, inflammation, and it is intolerable pain symptoms. Clinical studies, further improvement in the use of glucosamine arthritis dose of 1200-1500 mg. The U.S. and other developed countries with the use of glucosamine chondroitin supplements are to enhance the improvement effect. Chondroitin is more expensive but, if economic conditions allow, try to use glucosamine complex formula with shark cartilage powder.

 Any joint use of glucosamine to replenish the nutritional needs, and as the treatment of arthritis, as well as industry and academia are increasingly being valued by clinicians.

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