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The use of L-arginine

 Nutritional supplements. Arginine ornithine cycle is an extremely important component of physiological functions. Eat more arginine, L-arginine can increase the liver (arginase) activity helps in the blood ammonia into urea and excreted, so arginine hyperammonemia, liver dysfunction and so on.


 L-arginine is the main component of sperm protein, can promote the quality of sperm, sperm motility increased the role of energy.


 L-arginine can improve immunity, promote secretion of the immune system, natural killer cells, macrophages, white blood cells within the en Su (interleukin-1) and other endogenous substances, help fight cancer and prevent viral infection. In addition, arginine is ornithine (L-ornithine) and proline (L-proline) of the precursors, collagen proline constitutes an important element of arginine supplementation for severe trauma, burns and other needs repair of large health care organization, with significant help, but also has the effect of reducing infection and inflammation.


 Arginine pressure is too high for some because of kidney nephropathy resulting from the phenomenon and some difficulty urinating, both have to improve the role, but as is the amino acid arginine may also be a burden for patients with renal failure, severe renal function so low for to use before, best to consult with the attending physician.

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