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Pharmacological characteristics of Cycloserine

Pharmacological characteristics of Cycloserine 

This product is a second-line anti-TB drugs, can inhibit the growth of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, but the effect is relatively weak first-line drugs, the efficacy of TB is lower, alone can produce drug resistance, but resistance occurs slowly than other anti-TB drugs, and other between anti-TB drugs without cross-resistance. The antibacterial mechanism of action is inhibition of bacterial cell wall synthesis of peptides stick, so that cell wall defects. Main structural components of bacterial cell wall cell wall adhesive peptide by N-acetyl glucosamine (GNAc) and connected with the five peptide N-acetyl muramic acid (MNAc) repeated alternately connected together. Cytoplasmic viscosity peptide formation can be hindered by cycloserine, D-cycloserine by inhibiting alanine racemase and the synthetase can block the N-acetyl muramic acid pentapeptide formation. Rapid oral absorption, 3-4-hour blood concentration of widely distributed to body tissues and body fluids, the drug concentration in cerebrospinal fluid and blood in the approximation. Most of the prototype from the urine, about 35% is metabolized. Minimum inhibitory concentration of 25mg / L.

Cycloserine - Uses
Antibiotic medicines. For drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection.

Cycloserine - production methods
Cycloserine available fermentation or prepared by direct synthesis. Fermentation producing bacteria is Lai actinomycetes (Actinomyceslaven-dulae), the fermentation medium for the dextrin; glucose; starch; soybean meal; yeast; ammonium sulfate; ammonium nitrate; calcium carbonate; sodium chloride; magnesium sulfate and soybean oil. Synthesis is the β-amino-alanine ethyl ester dihydrochloride oxygen and potassium hydroxide reaction, cyclization be cycloserine.

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