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Global statistics in 2005 when the number of deaths due to TB infection reached 16 million, compared to 9 million TB patients. Chinese Ministry of Health statistics, of which 2 / 3 of the new cases occurred in China, India and Russia. China accounted for all the worlds TB cases in the 1 / 3, the number of people die each year from the disease up to 13 million, second only to tuberculosis in Indias second-largest high country. Chinas rural poverty caused by tuberculosis, one of the major diseases back into poverty due to illness, according to the survey, the large number of Chinese patients with drug-resistant TB, the initial resistance rate of 18.6% and secondary resistance rates as high as 46%. Difficult to treat drug-resistant TB, health care costs to treat a naive patient several times or even several times, and the source of infection in patients prone to chronic, long rows of bacteria can infect more people. However, there is no effective drug to treat special. In short, according to data reported in China and other countries of the world, based on first-line anti-TB drug resistance, and this product is mainly used for drug-resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis infections, suggesting that this market will have a significant amount.


The project for the three-step synthesis process, mainly through esterification, chlorination, cyclization derived cycloserine, to L-serine as starting material, the yield of 50%, L-serine price of 400 yuan per kilograms. Foreign market cycloserine capsules 250mg * 14 tablets price of $ 60.99, equivalent to 457.5 yuan; 250mg * 28 tablets price of $ 118.99, equivalent to 892.5 yuan; each pill is about 32 yuan. Investment operations of the project, has broad margins, manufacturers will bring billions of dollars of investment profits.

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