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Pumpkin powder to use

Pumpkin powder to use
 Pumpkin drink
 Method: Add 2 teaspoons pumpkin powder 1 cup hot water, brewed into tea.
 For the crowd: waist obesity, or those with freckles.
  Effects: 3 day fasting drink, insisted one week can be effective.

 Pumpkin pulp
 Method: 2 spoons pumpkin powder, brewed into tea with a cup of milk, then add a little honey.
 For groups: constipation or those who can not control appetite, who remains his face bleak.
  Effect: You can drink instead of dinner, a week weight loss 3-5 pounds, such as breakfast drink, you can in two weeks, so that his face red and shiny.

 Pumpkin juice
 Method: Add water and 2 teaspoons pumpkin powder, then add half a cup of lemon juice.
 Suitable for people: stubborn obesity, as well as those yellowish color.
 Effect: Drink 3 cups, 10 days minus 4 pounds, long-term consumption will be significantly white color.
 Storage: protected from light, sealed, it is best not to place the refrigerator, to prevent water wet agglomeration.

 Breast weight loss
 Pumpkin papaya milk powder
 Practice: pumpkin powder 10g, 10g and papaya milk 300mL brewed into tea, daily morning and evening use.
 For the crowd: a breast, beauty, slimming multiple requests of women

 1, pumpkin powder, pumpkin pastry scraps can be done, or add the flour made ​​from pumpkin face, pumpkin butter.
 2, with 20% waste and 80% sucrose pumpkin mixture, can be made into cakes.
 3, 54% and 46% sweet potato powder, pumpkin powder modulation into a paste, mix well then add a small amount of alum, by fans machine can be pressed into pumpkin fans, cooked dried is finished.
  4, crystalline powder, concentrated spray made ​​of pumpkin pumpkin drinks, tea, mixed with the tea can be made quick pumpkin, pumpkin cake and so on.

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