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Biotin detail introduction

Biotin detail introduction

 In 1936, two German scientists Kogl and Tonnis cooked duck from the isolated extract a kind of yellow crystalline substance, is necessary for the growth of yeast, called "biotin." Biotin is widely present in various organisms in nature, human and animal elements essential to maintain health, and hence the name. Because the food is widely distributed in almost every food contains small amounts of biotin, coupled with the required daily amount of the body and few, therefore, it is generally not a lack of this vitamin.


 Molecular formula: C10H16N2O3S
 Molecular weight: 244.3
 Melting point :232-233C

 Properties and stability: a colorless long needle-like crystals, with urea and a combination of parallel thiophene ring, and with the acid side chain; very slightly soluble in water and ethanol, insoluble in other common organic solvents. In moderate acid and neutral solution is stable for several days, is less stable in alkaline solution. Quite stable at ordinary temperatures, but the loss of high temperature and oxidant activity can make it.


 Process in vivo: oral biotin rapidly from the stomach and intestinal absorption of biotin in the blood of 80% in free form, distributed in body tissues, in liver and kidney content of more, after treatment by the majority of biotin to the prototype the urine, only a small part of the metabolism of biotin sulfur oxides and double down biotin.

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