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Feature and Effect of Vitamin H

 Physiological effects: Vitamin H combined with the enzyme in the body of carbon dioxide fixation and carboxylation process, and the bodys important metabolic processes such as pyruvate carboxylation and transformed into oxaloacetate, acetyl coenzyme A carbonyl of malonyl coenzyme A as other sugar and fat metabolism in major biochemical reaction. It is also certain microbial growth factor, a trace amount (0.005 g) to make the test bacterial growth. For example, the growth of Neurospora crassa requires a very small amount of biotin. The human body needs about 100 per day to 300 micrograms. There is a raw egg protein avidin and biotin combination can, upon binding to biotin is not absorbed by the digestive tract; caused by a lack of biotin in animals, loss of appetite appears, glossitis, dermatitis dander, hair removal and so on. However, biotin has not been a lack of human cases may be due in addition to other sources of food, intestinal bacteria can synthesize biotin rules.


 Vitamin H gluconeogenesis for glycogen, fatty acids, and the combined effect of the metabolism of certain amino acids, is a key regulatory element, and able to help generate energy for the synthesis of certain proteins play a catalytic role; the same time can help cells growth, making fatty acids, metabolism of carbohydrates, fat and protein, and vitamin B complex helps to use; promote sweat glands, nerve tissue, bone marrow, male gonads of health; skin and hair to maintain the normal operation and growth, reduce eczema, dermatitis symptoms; prevent gray hair and hair loss, helps treat baldness; ease muscle pain; for depression, insomnia does have some benefit; also involved in vitamin B12, folic acid, pantothenic acid metabolism; for urea synthesis and excretion; improve the bodys immune function .

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