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Biotin health purposes

Health purposes
 Diabetes mellitus. Added biotin, biotin and the blood glucose by improving insulin use to help improve blood sugar regulation.

 Hair and nails. Added biotin can fix weak burst of toenails and fingernails and improve hairs health. Biotin can also fix those caused by low levels of biotin due to premature gray hair.

 Genetic problems. Some babies can not make good use of biotin, additional biotin.

 Skin problems. Some skin diseases, such as cradle cap, through the added biotin to improve.

 Muscular dystrophy. Biotin can be used for the treatment of certain diseases with muscle as part of treatment.

 Nutritional health. Biotin helps the body to lose weight for more efficient metabolism.

 Infectious diseases. Biotin can be used as treatment intestinal candida (a yeast infection).

 According to the study, folic acid and biotin compatibility can be effective in preventing birth defects formation. In early 2008 the Japanese Ministry of Health has officially announced that it will both biotin and folic acid for pregnant women as a force in Japan nutrient intake. To be sure, Ministry of Health of this decision will greatly promote the sale of biotin in Japan, but also will promote the global consumption of biotin.

 U.S. researchers also found that: biotin can promote the decomposition of fats and carbohydrates so that they accelerate into the energy required for human activities; such as insufficient number of in vivo biotin, fat will accumulate in the body and cause obesity. This new discovery of biotin in the diet, weight-loss type of health products in the application has laid a solid foundation for biotin has opened up a wider market.

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