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Function and use of L-proline

Function and use
 Experimental use
 Naturally occurring proline to form the main component of collagen. DL-type to gelatin as raw materials, hydrochloric acid and other multi-step treatment can be obtained the product hydrochloride. Biochemical reagents for biochemical and nutritional research, microbiological testing, preparation of culture medium. L-type to L-glutamic acid and ethanol esterification, reduction in the system.

 Clinical Medical
 For the amino acid drugs. Compound amino acid infusion raw materials. For malnutrition, protein deficiency, severe gastrointestinal disease, burns and post-surgical protein supplement. No obvious side effects.

 Improvement of plant cold hardiness
 L-Proline (Pro) is one of the components of plant proteins, and can be widespread in the free state in plants. In drought, salinity and other stress conditions, many plants accumulate proline lot. In addition to the accumulation of proline as cytoplasmic osmotic adjustment of plant material, but also stabilize the structure of biological macromolecules, decreased cell acidity, remove toxic ammonia as an energy library and regulation of cell redox potential, etc. play an important role.

 In the face of adversity conditions (drought, salinity, heat, cold, cold), proline content in plants increased significantly. Proline content in plants to some extent reflects the plants resistance, drought resistance varieties tend to accumulate more proline. Therefore, determination of proline content can be used as physiological indicators of drought resistance breeding. In addition, because proline highly hydrophilic, stable colloidal protoplasm and metabolic processes within the organization, which can reduce the freezing point, to prevent cell dehydration effect. At low temperatures, increased proline in plant tissues, can improve plant cold tolerance, therefore, may be used as indicators of cold physiological breeding.

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