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The distribution and metabolism of taurine

The distribution and metabolism of taurine
Taurine is widely distributed in animal tissues, the content is particularly rich in marine animals, mammals, tissue cells also contain a high taurine, especially the nerves, muscles and glands within the higher levels, the body is the most abundant free amino acids, taurine almost all of the body in free form, and most of the cells, the intracellular concentration ratio of 100-50000:1, the human body with a total of about 12-18 grams of taurine, including 15 - 66mg present in plasma, 75% found in skeletal muscle, myocardial cells and serum taurine concentration ratio of 200:1.


The body from dietary intake or their synthetic taurine, animal food is the main source of dietary taurine, especially sea animals. Synthesis of sulfur-containing amino acids from the body (half-skin acid, methionine, etc.) through a series of enzymatic reactions transformed from, but their synthesis is low. Taurine low molecular weight (125.1) Dalton, non-antigenic, various routes of administration are easy to absorb. Taurine is mainly excreted from the kidney, the kidney based on its regulation of dietary taurine excretion to maintain body taurine content is relatively stable.

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