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Drug use and cosmetic purposes of taurine

Drug Use
 (1) the role of the liver and gallbladder: guinea pig experiments showed that taurine can relieve biliary obstruction, were choleretic effect.

 (2) antipyretic and anti-inflammatory effect: the onset of central 5-ht through the system or the role of catecholamine systems lower the body temperature

 (3) antihypertensive effect

 (4) and anti-arrhythmic effects of cardiac

 (5) The hypoglycemic effect

 (6), skeletal muscle relaxation, and taurine has the role of antagonist muscle stiffness

 Cosmetic purposes
 Taurine in cosmetics / skin care application

 Foreign R & D laboratory confirmed taurine (Taurine) revitalizes the skin cells with the ability to provide a steady stream of young skin can be fast and lasting energy supplement with multiple protected. Taurine also has to improve skin immunity, resistance to the invasion of the external environment on the skin effect.

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