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Calcium citrate - the absorption and excretion
Calcium citrate - the absorption and excretion
Because the manufacturers of calcium citrate method and the use of different materials, so choose calcium citrate activity (activity of calcium citrate) for the basic research material.
1, composition
Calcium citrate synthesis, ligand chelate, a calcium ion and two carboxylate calcium citrate combined with white powder, odorless, tasteless, extremely difficult to dissolve in water, soluble in hydrochloric acid.
2, in gastric juice
Calcium citrate into the stomach, the gastric juice (hydrochloric acid) in the role, broken down into: a calcium ion and two calcium citrate price of the root of negative one.
3, the negative characteristics of a calcium citrate price
Calcium citrate price minus one, with three features A, soluble in water; B, a value of negative ions; C, stable complex, difficult to further ionization.
4, the intestinal absorption
Into the intestine to form calcium citrate ions, diffusion absorption, diffusion absorption methods exist in the intestine, and absorption rate of various parts of the same, the amount of absorption depends only on the negative a intestinal calcium citrate price. Taking 1000 mg of calcium with an activity of calcium citrate, calcium absorption is greater than the quality of 843 mg.
5, into the blood
Absorbed into the blood calcium citrate is the form of a negative value, accounting for 1.7% of the amount of calcium. Intermediate in the blood play a buffer role in the mediation equilibrium free calcium when blood calcium deficiency, by the kidneys to break down slowly release to the blood calcium.
6, calcium-enriched bones
Abundant in the blood calcium citrate negative price, via the circulatory system to dual-insoluble calcium citrate enriched bone calcium deposits in the form library. Through observation, the amount of activity taking calcium citrate treatment, the average daily volume of ore is Life 375 mg / average.
7, citric acid to eliminate hardening of the arteries
From the chemical nature, the citric acid in the body is a strong acid, strong complexation of calcium. The formation of insoluble calcium citrate, calcium citrate can form a single soluble in water, not easily broken. Therefore, the daily excretion of citric acid metabolism in the excretion pathway continuously and vascular calcification in the combination of calcium out of the body, thereby eliminating the hardening of the arteries and eliminate urinary stones. Inhibit the in vivo calcification, hardening, aging, the process of fibrosis and stones

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